5 Animal Themed Birthday Party Ideas

The animal world is full of mysteries to be solved. And both you and your family are likely passionate about the fauna surrounding us. If you also combine that with a passion for parties, birthdays and celebrations with friends and family, the results can be the most entertaining.

So here we bring you five spectacular ideas to make your animal themed birthday parties!

1. Reptile Shows

In many cities, there are animal shelters of the most characteristic kind. Some of them specialize in very characteristic animals, such as reptiles. Experts such as veterinarians, keepers, biologists, and many others who specialize in the care, treatment and training of an enormous diversity of animal species work in the shelters.

And in some cases, these experts want to share the mysteries, curiosities and funny facts about the animal kingdom.

In many reptile shelters, experts organize both talks for schools and interactive activities such as reptile parties Gold Coast for families and scout groups. The protagonists are reptiles and children, and the experts will teach children the safest ways to touch animals and hold them in their hands. Besides, they will enjoy FUNNY anecdotes that they will never forget.

2. Petting Zoos, Farm Animals

In more rural areas, where farms are more common than zoos, visits to farms open to the public become more popular. They are a great way to learn about nature while disconnecting from the busy life in the city.

The best time to visit is usually late summer or early fall because many farms celebrate harvest and agriculture. But it is not the only time; some of them throughout the year hold guided tours and give families talks. In many of them, those responsible also allow children to learn and pet some of the harmless animals.

3. Zoo Birthday Parties

Zoo parties can be the most traditional way to host animal themed parties. But, at the same time, you know that it will never disappoint.

The vast majority of Zoos have the option to reserve a birthday pack. They include tickets for a limited group of people and an area reserved for eating and celebrating the anniversary with the cake. Some may include extras, such as souvenirs and a pass for the carousel or attractions if the zoo has them.

It is a classic option that will dazzle adults and children of any age.

4. Animal Fancy Dress Party

This is one of the most comfortable options. It can be perfectly combined with any of the other options.

Decorating the house with an animal theme is simple: in party and costume stores, they sell garlands with various animal shapes. Also, with cardboard and scissors, silhouettes can be cut to decorate the living room. With a little creativity, you can make a cake in the shape of the birthday kid’s favorite animal. Or, if not, you can make decorated muffins.

The best thing about the party will be costumes. All guests can bring their theme costumes, whether purchased or handmade will have a place at the party. If the children are old enough, they can even be offered a costume. Let them be creative, and you will see with what spectacular ideas they surprise you!

5. Gifting a Pet

This option is important to meditate and think about it well. Gifting a pet is a sensitive issue and should be considered carefully. But if all family members agree, it can be the perfect gift for an unforgettable birthday.

We must take into account the illusions of the birthday boy/girl and also of all the other members of the family. Everyone should feel comfortable and responsible for the new member that will enter. It will be necessary to make sure that everyone knows their care well and that they will be responsible for offering the best life to the new pet.

The best way for the child to feel affection and responsibility towards the new pet is, without a doubt, for them to help the parents choose the animal. If the birthday kid is old enough, he can accompany the adults to the animal shelter to choose which animal will be his new life partner, who will grow and learn by his side throughout their childhood.

We hope you find these five ideas for animal themed parties useful. Enjoy the birthday of your lives!

After Party Cleaning

How do you keep your house clean at a party?

The first thing to remember would be to throw all wastes in the garbage can. This would lessen the number of things you would need to do when the party ends. Also, it would be better to direct your guests to spend more time outdoors. If this is the case, there would no need to worry about drinks spilling on your carpet indoors. While the party is ongoing, it would be best to do some light cleaning. If other guests see you doing it, they may even want to help you. Of course, that should not be the main focus of the party so better not let people see you doing it. 



How do I prepare my house for a party?

It would be better to provide disposable utensils and plates. It would be less of a hassle to clean those things up since you just need to throw them to the garbage can. Thus, you would have lesser things to wash. Also, you know your kitchen sink will be full of dishes after the party so better empty the dishwasher. If there are dishes that have not been washed yet, then better get to it. Believe it or not, you are going to do some dish-washing even before the party starts. That will prepare you for the heavy dish washing task after the party ends. Another thing to remember would be to avoid glitter and confetti as these things are pretty hard to clean. Besides, there are a bunch of better alternatives to those things. If it is a year-end party, it would be better to use party horns.


How do you clean up after a party fast?

One great idea would be to have people assist you. Ask for volunteers and your true friends will certainly want to help you out. There are some people who would want to stay longer because they live a bit far away. If that is the case, make them wash the dishes and mop the floor. It would even make them burn a few calories in the process. After party cleaning involves some heavy-duty materials so better bring them all out if you have them. No matter how long these materials have not been used, it would be great to use them again. You know the effects on your home are going to be huge. 


Get a Cleaner

A very popular option for after-party cleanup is to hire a cleaning business to do the work for you. After all – you are supposed to enjoy the party, not be worried about the after mass and mess left behind. According to David from carpet cleaning Brighton, “Many customers simply don’t have the energy or will power after a big night parting to do a decent job cleaning”. Simply put, if you don’t mind spending a few bucks – go with a professional rather than tackle the task yourself.


Video Games Party for Kids

Like the previous years, 2020 is so far a great year for all video game enthusiasts. They are impatiently waiting for the releasing of the sequels of some of their favorite video games, as well as of some completely new games. We prepared a list of some of them that we think are the best choices for a wild video games party:


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If you are a Pouce-Pouce fan, you must be a fan of this game as well. The release date is November 15 and until then you can learn all about the game so that it doesn’t get you unprepared. The game is a single-player one and the genre is action. The main character is a Jedi Cal Kestis and the story is set in the time following the Rebellion of the Sith. The whole empire is at the peak of its power, while the protagonist and the rest of the Jedi went underground. The trailer came out months ago, and in it, we could see some serious combat. The creators of the game said that the focus of the game was on that dark, peculiar time that Star Wars fans are particularly interested in. A couple of new worlds are added to the Universe, one of them being Bracca where Cal is situated. The unavoidable part of the game is famous lightsabers, which are also upgraded.


Death Stranding

Among the upcoming Pouce-Pouce games from our best laser tag Melbourne, one that attracts the special interest is undoubtedly Death Stranding. If you want a wild video games party this choice can’t be wrong. The release date is November 8, so it seems that November will be a real treat for every video game admirer. New Death Stranding video leaked recently and it allows you to see some of the possibly crucial points of the game. The game protagonist is called Sam and in the trailer, we can see him meeting a friend of his – Amelie in the Oval Office. She is the leader of the organization that tries to connect again areas that had been separated. She needs his help in that mission, but will Sam be willing to help her? Find out on November 8.



If you love dark, eerie, uncanny games, you will definitely be taken aback by Control. The release date is August 27, so, the waiting has come to an end. The main character of a story is Jess. She is an aloof Millenial girl with hidden superpowers. She is a search for her brother, Dylan. She believed that Federal Bureau of Control is keeping her brother as a hostage, The FBC is attacked by a hostile entity that can control the minds of its hostage and manipulate them to surrender to it. Since the FBC director is killed by the entity, Jess becomes the next director and players take responsibility for her actions.


The Last of Us

“The Last of Us” is the highest-ranked game according to Pouce-Pouce. It was released in 2013, first only for PS3 and then for PS4. This is a dystopian story set in the United States. The story follows the last two survivors, Joel and Ellie. Their task is to find a cure for a new kind of plague that destroyed almost the entire human race. It is a third-person shooter game directed by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley.


Metro Exodus

This first-person shooter game is based on the novels by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver in 2019. It is a dystopian game set in the Russian Empire. The setting is a complete wasteland left by a catastrophic nuclear explosion. The protagonist must fight with both hostile mutants and human beings. It is set over a period of a whole year, with changing seasons and day-night cycles. The game received very positive critics.



If you are looking for a perfect game for your kids, there is no better answer than Minecraft. This highly popular game is completely innocuous. It engages kids’ creativity but also teaches them survival skills. You have two moods; survival and creative. Players are given the cubes from various materials, which they use to build whatever they want. The game was released in 2011 and since then its popularity was only becoming bigger.

Games for Kids

To keep your children entertained is of utmost importance, both for their physical and mental development and for your own wellbeing. Pouce-Pouce can show that games are essential for kids’ emotional, cognitive, physical development and also for their imagination and creativity. It is hard to imagine a childhood without games and parents should participate in them as much as they can. Pouce-Pouce all know that being a parent can be overwhelming sometimes. You always feel the urge to give your kids the best you can, but sometimes, you can run out of ideas. Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you don’t know how to entertain your kids? Simply giving them a tablet seems like an easy, but not a perfect solution. That is why we are giving you a list of indoor games for kids:

• Simon Says

We all know this old, but not an obsolete kids game or laser tag Brisbane. You probably played it yourself as a kid, but let us remind you of some rules. One player gives the instructions to other players, but they are to follow the instructions only if they are preceded by “Simon says”. Players are eliminated immediately after making a mistake. Although it sounds pretty simple, it is a very fun game and mistakes happen more that one could imagine.

• Hide & Seek

Although this well-known game is preferably played outside, it can be played inside as well. This is a perfect game when it is gloomy or raining outside and your kids are feeling energized. The number of participants is not important, it can be played by only you and your kid perfectly well. The rules of this game are well-known to all of us, so•en hiding, but also, to warn your kids of some possible dangerous places in the house.

• I never forgot a face

If you want to combine memory-teasing games with social studies this game is perfect for you. It is very important to teach your kids about other nations and countries in the world. It will make more aware of the cultural differences existing in the world and also make them more open to them. In this game, you are given 24 cards that you have to match. One half of them consists of pictures of children from different countries, and the other half of the names of these countries. Your task is to match them correctly. It is preferably designed for kids of 5 years and more.

• Sago Mini Friends

Computer games are inevitable in 2019, so there is no need to feel guilty about that. Make sure to limit the time your kids are spending in front of their computers. Experts say that it is best to give them 1 to 1.5 hours per day, maximally. There are plenty of kid’s games available, so it can be hard to find the right ones. Sago Mini Friends is a perfect choice because it really engages your kids’ creativity and critical thinking. The game consists of choosing a character and then exploring the neighborhood. In each house you enter, there is a different task. Some of them include tasting the food or dressing-up. The game is also educational because it teaches the kids how to be a good neighbor and help others when they need your help.

• Alone in the Kitchen

Alone in the Kitchen is also a perfect, educational game for kids. It is a game that trains your kids’ memory. As the game starts, you are given a recipe and the ingredients you need to put. The order by which you put them in the blender is not important, but the amount of each of the ingredients is. If you happen to forget the recipe, you are given three more opportunities to look at the recipe again. However, your time is limited, so you have to work as fast as you can.

• Minecraft

Minecraft is considered one of the most popular games in the world. It is a lego game that allows the players to create whatever structure they want. They are given cubes of various materials, The game can test both players’ creativity and resourcefulness and these are the skills that every parent wants their kids to have. The game is already used in some classrooms worldwide, so, why not use it in your own home?

Your Kid’s Want To Play Computer Games…Does It Help Or Hurt Them?

Does your kid have a hankering to play computer games all the time? worry not, no matter the generation of the kids, they have always been drawn towards computer games and recreational activities.

In this day and age, access to computer games is instant and selections are vast and abundant, it is our job to understand and adapt to the needs and find middle grounds.

In this article, Pouce-Pouce is going to discuss what is the pros and cons of kids who want to play computer games.


Let’s start with Pros:

1) Mental Growth: There are numerous studies that have shown a direct correlation between improvement in cognitive skills of the kids who play computer games to kids who don’t play computer games. The studies go on to indicate that the more difficult said games are, there is an improvement in kid’s skills in deductive reasoning, overcoming challenges, improvement in the arts and crafts and creative thinking. To the fact that the schools and various educational institutions have implemented online teaching for various grades in the form of colorful games and stories.

2)Improve critical thinking: Computer games force the player to come up with solutions to help them get over a hurdle/stage/level. This level of approach helps kids to develop a sense of satisfaction and achievement. This prepares kids to overcome difficulties and adapt in real life.

3) Makes learning fun: There is a reason kids prefer computer kids games over boring books, its because of how exciting and rewarding the process is for them. They can choose various options of learning about a subject or just run with the competitive goals they want to accomplish.



Lets Jump to Con’s:

1) Dependencies/Addiction: This is an age-old issue that parents have faced to resolve. Again, it comes down to finding the balance between too much gaming to too little gaming. You need to make sure kids don’t go overboard on these kid’s games.


2) Mental/Physical Health-Related Issues: Playing these games constantly will affect kids’ eyes and if they have their heads phones on high volume then it’ll be hearing issues. This increases child obesity and social disorders that come by from playing kid’s games for prolonged hours.

Overall, at the end of the day, we can see that the pros of kids games outweigh the cons. But like anything in life, its the matter of finding the right balance between too much and too little. It’s all in your hands.

What should i prepare for a best kids party?

Your child asks to hold a party such as a laser tag party, and it is usually a birthday party. However, there are many good reasons to have a kid’s party. Children, like adults, are social creatures and therefore love to have a good time together with friends and family. You can hold a kids party together with your own party, so everyone can have a good time. First, you need a place to have a party.


How many kids are coming?

Planning any party requires a guest list because you can then plan of party hire and food. It is normal practice to request a return reply for RSVP from parents, and if any of the attending guests have food allergies. While most kid’s parties will avoid serving nuts, it is still a good idea to check and prepare a special request. You want your guests to feel welcome when attending your party.


Food for Kids party

Most parents find food preparation for a kid’s party is the most daunting. Should you prepare healthy meals, or go the lazy route and offer chips and nuggets? If you have time, the healthier option is definitely a go, as you make more friends with the parents who are health conscious. But most parties seem to have an equal amount of healthy options and popular kid’s choices. Remember the parents or guardians who stay around while their kids are partying away.


Should you hire entertainment?

With themes, food, and venue down pat, the next thing you need maybe entertainment. Forget buying kids toys to entertain your guest for one time, and then it all goes into storage. Consider party hire instead, as they not only come fully equipped with everything you need, you don’t have to keep them forever! When you factor in the costs of buying the correct amount and storing it, it may be a better idea just to hire them for a day.


Decorations for kids party

A kid’s party does not need a lot of decorations, especially when you have toys ready. Children are naturally attracted to things they can interact with, hence if you feel the need to decorate, use things that are not fragile. Avoid using fragile things like vases, candles and glasses in a kid’s party. Papers are a popular choice as they come cheap and they are easy to clean up after the party.