5 Animal Themed Birthday Party Ideas

The animal world is full of mysteries to be solved. And both you and your family are likely passionate about the fauna surrounding us. If you also combine that with a passion for parties, birthdays and celebrations with friends and family, the results can be the most entertaining.

So here we bring you five spectacular ideas to make your animal themed birthday parties!

1. Reptile Shows

In many cities, there are animal shelters of the most characteristic kind. Some of them specialize in very characteristic animals, such as reptiles. Experts such as veterinarians, keepers, biologists, and many others who specialize in the care, treatment and training of an enormous diversity of animal species work in the shelters.

And in some cases, these experts want to share the mysteries, curiosities and funny facts about the animal kingdom.

In many reptile shelters, experts organize both talks for schools and interactive activities such as reptile parties Gold Coast for families and scout groups. The protagonists are reptiles and children, and the experts will teach children the safest ways to touch animals and hold them in their hands. Besides, they will enjoy FUNNY anecdotes that they will never forget.

2. Petting Zoos, Farm Animals

In more rural areas, where farms are more common than zoos, visits to farms open to the public become more popular. They are a great way to learn about nature while disconnecting from the busy life in the city.

The best time to visit is usually late summer or early fall because many farms celebrate harvest and agriculture. But it is not the only time; some of them throughout the year hold guided tours and give families talks. In many of them, those responsible also allow children to learn and pet some of the harmless animals.

3. Zoo Birthday Parties

Zoo parties can be the most traditional way to host animal themed parties. But, at the same time, you know that it will never disappoint.

The vast majority of Zoos have the option to reserve a birthday pack. They include tickets for a limited group of people and an area reserved for eating and celebrating the anniversary with the cake. Some may include extras, such as souvenirs and a pass for the carousel or attractions if the zoo has them.

It is a classic option that will dazzle adults and children of any age.

4. Animal Fancy Dress Party

This is one of the most comfortable options. It can be perfectly combined with any of the other options.

Decorating the house with an animal theme is simple: in party and costume stores, they sell garlands with various animal shapes. Also, with cardboard and scissors, silhouettes can be cut to decorate the living room. With a little creativity, you can make a cake in the shape of the birthday kid’s favorite animal. Or, if not, you can make decorated muffins.

The best thing about the party will be costumes. All guests can bring their theme costumes, whether purchased or handmade will have a place at the party. If the children are old enough, they can even be offered a costume. Let them be creative, and you will see with what spectacular ideas they surprise you!

5. Gifting a Pet

This option is important to meditate and think about it well. Gifting a pet is a sensitive issue and should be considered carefully. But if all family members agree, it can be the perfect gift for an unforgettable birthday.

We must take into account the illusions of the birthday boy/girl and also of all the other members of the family. Everyone should feel comfortable and responsible for the new member that will enter. It will be necessary to make sure that everyone knows their care well and that they will be responsible for offering the best life to the new pet.

The best way for the child to feel affection and responsibility towards the new pet is, without a doubt, for them to help the parents choose the animal. If the birthday kid is old enough, he can accompany the adults to the animal shelter to choose which animal will be his new life partner, who will grow and learn by his side throughout their childhood.

We hope you find these five ideas for animal themed parties useful. Enjoy the birthday of your lives!