Video Games Party for Kids

Like the previous years, 2020 is so far a great year for all video game enthusiasts. They are impatiently waiting for the releasing of the sequels of some of their favorite video games, as well as of some completely new games. We prepared a list of some of them that we think are the best choices for a wild video games party:


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If you are a Pouce-Pouce fan, you must be a fan of this game as well. The release date is November 15 and until then you can learn all about the game so that it doesn’t get you unprepared. The game is a single-player one and the genre is action. The main character is a Jedi Cal Kestis and the story is set in the time following the Rebellion of the Sith. The whole empire is at the peak of its power, while the protagonist and the rest of the Jedi went underground. The trailer came out months ago, and in it, we could see some serious combat. The creators of the game said that the focus of the game was on that dark, peculiar time that Star Wars fans are particularly interested in. A couple of new worlds are added to the Universe, one of them being Bracca where Cal is situated. The unavoidable part of the game is famous lightsabers, which are also upgraded.


Death Stranding

Among the upcoming Pouce-Pouce games from our best laser tag Melbourne, one that attracts the special interest is undoubtedly Death Stranding. If you want a wild video games party this choice can’t be wrong. The release date is November 8, so it seems that November will be a real treat for every video game admirer. New Death Stranding video leaked recently and it allows you to see some of the possibly crucial points of the game. The game protagonist is called Sam and in the trailer, we can see him meeting a friend of his – Amelie in the Oval Office. She is the leader of the organization that tries to connect again areas that had been separated. She needs his help in that mission, but will Sam be willing to help her? Find out on November 8.



If you love dark, eerie, uncanny games, you will definitely be taken aback by Control. The release date is August 27, so, the waiting has come to an end. The main character of a story is Jess. She is an aloof Millenial girl with hidden superpowers. She is a search for her brother, Dylan. She believed that Federal Bureau of Control is keeping her brother as a hostage, The FBC is attacked by a hostile entity that can control the minds of its hostage and manipulate them to surrender to it. Since the FBC director is killed by the entity, Jess becomes the next director and players take responsibility for her actions.


The Last of Us

“The Last of Us” is the highest-ranked game according to Pouce-Pouce. It was released in 2013, first only for PS3 and then for PS4. This is a dystopian story set in the United States. The story follows the last two survivors, Joel and Ellie. Their task is to find a cure for a new kind of plague that destroyed almost the entire human race. It is a third-person shooter game directed by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley.


Metro Exodus

This first-person shooter game is based on the novels by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver in 2019. It is a dystopian game set in the Russian Empire. The setting is a complete wasteland left by a catastrophic nuclear explosion. The protagonist must fight with both hostile mutants and human beings. It is set over a period of a whole year, with changing seasons and day-night cycles. The game received very positive critics.



If you are looking for a perfect game for your kids, there is no better answer than Minecraft. This highly popular game is completely innocuous. It engages kids’ creativity but also teaches them survival skills. You have two moods; survival and creative. Players are given the cubes from various materials, which they use to build whatever they want. The game was released in 2011 and since then its popularity was only becoming bigger.