Your Kid’s Want To Play Computer Games…Does It Help Or Hurt Them?

Does your kid have a hankering to play computer games all the time? worry not, no matter the generation of the kids, they have always been drawn towards computer games and recreational activities.

In this day and age, access to computer games is instant and selections are vast and abundant, it is our job to understand and adapt to the needs and find middle grounds.

In this article, Pouce-Pouce is going to discuss what is the pros and cons of kids who want to play computer games.


Let’s start with Pros:

1) Mental Growth: There are numerous studies that have shown a direct correlation between improvement in cognitive skills of the kids who play computer games to kids who don’t play computer games. The studies go on to indicate that the more difficult said games are, there is an improvement in kid’s skills in deductive reasoning, overcoming challenges, improvement in the arts and crafts and creative thinking. To the fact that the schools and various educational institutions have implemented online teaching for various grades in the form of colorful games and stories.

2)Improve critical thinking: Computer games force the player to come up with solutions to help them get over a hurdle/stage/level. This level of approach helps kids to develop a sense of satisfaction and achievement. This prepares kids to overcome difficulties and adapt in real life.

3) Makes learning fun: There is a reason kids prefer computer kids games over boring books, its because of how exciting and rewarding the process is for them. They can choose various options of learning about a subject or just run with the competitive goals they want to accomplish.



Lets Jump to Con’s:

1) Dependencies/Addiction: This is an age-old issue that parents have faced to resolve. Again, it comes down to finding the balance between too much gaming to too little gaming. You need to make sure kids don’t go overboard on these kid’s games.


2) Mental/Physical Health-Related Issues: Playing these games constantly will affect kids’ eyes and if they have their heads phones on high volume then it’ll be hearing issues. This increases child obesity and social disorders that come by from playing kid’s games for prolonged hours.

Overall, at the end of the day, we can see that the pros of kids games outweigh the cons. But like anything in life, its the matter of finding the right balance between too much and too little. It’s all in your hands.