Games for Kids

To keep your children entertained is of utmost importance, both for their physical and mental development and for your own wellbeing. Pouce-Pouce can show that games are essential for kids’ emotional, cognitive, physical development and also for their imagination and creativity. It is hard to imagine a childhood without games and parents should participate in them as much as they can. Pouce-Pouce all know that being a parent can be overwhelming sometimes. You always feel the urge to give your kids the best you can, but sometimes, you can run out of ideas. Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you don’t know how to entertain your kids? Simply giving them a tablet seems like an easy, but not a perfect solution. That is why we are giving you a list of indoor games for kids:

• Simon Says

We all know this old, but not an obsolete kids game or laser tag Brisbane. You probably played it yourself as a kid, but let us remind you of some rules. One player gives the instructions to other players, but they are to follow the instructions only if they are preceded by “Simon says”. Players are eliminated immediately after making a mistake. Although it sounds pretty simple, it is a very fun game and mistakes happen more that one could imagine.

• Hide & Seek

Although this well-known game is preferably played outside, it can be played inside as well. This is a perfect game when it is gloomy or raining outside and your kids are feeling energized. The number of participants is not important, it can be played by only you and your kid perfectly well. The rules of this game are well-known to all of us, so•en hiding, but also, to warn your kids of some possible dangerous places in the house.

• I never forgot a face

If you want to combine memory-teasing games with social studies this game is perfect for you. It is very important to teach your kids about other nations and countries in the world. It will make more aware of the cultural differences existing in the world and also make them more open to them. In this game, you are given 24 cards that you have to match. One half of them consists of pictures of children from different countries, and the other half of the names of these countries. Your task is to match them correctly. It is preferably designed for kids of 5 years and more.

• Sago Mini Friends

Computer games are inevitable in 2019, so there is no need to feel guilty about that. Make sure to limit the time your kids are spending in front of their computers. Experts say that it is best to give them 1 to 1.5 hours per day, maximally. There are plenty of kid’s games available, so it can be hard to find the right ones. Sago Mini Friends is a perfect choice because it really engages your kids’ creativity and critical thinking. The game consists of choosing a character and then exploring the neighborhood. In each house you enter, there is a different task. Some of them include tasting the food or dressing-up. The game is also educational because it teaches the kids how to be a good neighbor and help others when they need your help.

• Alone in the Kitchen

Alone in the Kitchen is also a perfect, educational game for kids. It is a game that trains your kids’ memory. As the game starts, you are given a recipe and the ingredients you need to put. The order by which you put them in the blender is not important, but the amount of each of the ingredients is. If you happen to forget the recipe, you are given three more opportunities to look at the recipe again. However, your time is limited, so you have to work as fast as you can.

• Minecraft

Minecraft is considered one of the most popular games in the world. It is a lego game that allows the players to create whatever structure they want. They are given cubes of various materials, The game can test both players’ creativity and resourcefulness and these are the skills that every parent wants their kids to have. The game is already used in some classrooms worldwide, so, why not use it in your own home?